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 NEW     2/20/2016        Yep I'm still alive folks be 76 in March! Hippie birffday tuu mee.

Proverbs 1:7    And a few others; check back

 So.... You think you're saved do you?   

A ~Must Read~ for church leadership...

See Luke 4:21...  for a Pope Calvin heresy!!  

 Calling God a liar!  

      1/20 Several in Deuteronomy  Does God love everybody?

  1/10/2014 Several in Numbers

1/9/2014  A bunch in Exodus & Leviticus focusing mainly on the issues of the Covenant[s] & ye Sabbath. 

     1/2014  Purpose of the 10 Commandment Mosaic Covenant.

          1/2014     Eternal Justification Refuted...  
from 2013 & earlier...
Update on Romans 7:2,3. No remarriage.

Chop off Members

John Owen's missing Heart

Flash!! The End of the world -was- right around the corner!!!  

Updated; 4/17/11;  Prov 29:5  flatteryHeb 13:17.. Obey your god-ordained hot-shots!  

 2/17/11 John 3:16 showing that the Sufficient/Efficient notion is Arminianism.

2/16/11; John 3:1,    ... John 3:3... He died for....

3 More on Perfect.  :-)...    Mat 5:48..    1Cor 2:6,       Php 3:15,  

1/26/11;   Ps 22:4,  Trusting. / Pro 11:5,  Perfect!  /  Ps 58:3,  
1/24/11; More on Perfect from Job & the Psalms.
See Selections with a Theme; Are you.... Perfect?
   Prov 3:9,   Prov 3:12,  


                            *~~*    ~Selections with a Theme;~   *~~*

Are you.... Perfect?  Genesis 6:9    1K11:4,  1K15:14,  2K20:3!!!  1Chron 12:38,  1Chron 29:9,  2Chron 15:17,  Job 1:1,
 Job 1:8,  2:3 [seeing "what is God telling us" by outward circumstances],    Ps 18:32,  Ps 37:37,   Ps 101:2,  Pro 2:21,
   Pro 11:5,   Isa 38:3,  Mat 5:48,  Lk 6:40,  1Cor 2:6!!,  2Cor 13:11,  Php 3:15,  Col 4:12,  2Tim 3:16,17!!!,  Heb 13:21,
    James 3:2,  1Peter 5:10,
    Judging by Providential Circumstances.. Jona 1:3 Job 1:16;

Psalms;  I -can't- keep the commandments!  119:4   56,   63,   69,  100,  103:18,  
 Psalm 9:1  John Owen's False Doctrine of Sanctification.
  Mat 5:45  Good or Evil... which are you?
    James 2:17  Faith and....
      Mat 27:38  The Thief was saved... even tho he didn't know no Dok-Trine.

 Romans 7:2  No Divorce
  1Kings 8:21  Ark of the Covenant.
   De 5:1  
Gill said what?
    De 5:3   5:5  Gill, Jamieson Fausset Brown, Poole.. write their own Bible. 
     Num 9:3  Ye "ceremonial law"

More on  Covenant Theology ,  Lev 26:15,  vs46    ,,,
  More KJOism...  More on Covenants

Outside the Camp;   
 So.... You think you're saved do you?   
   Luke 8:13   Logic, Scripture & OTCers.
     Acts 8:13  OTCers  Illogical "logic".
Heb  7:12   7:27  The law was changed therefore cannot be   "eternal/unchangeable"
   John 20:1   Happy Easter.
   John 17:20   Also Sprach Zara  John Gill.
    Acts 13:39   Are All Believers Justified? When?
      Acts 16:6   Does God want everybody to be saved...  ¿
         Matthew 5:18  A Covenant Theologian's time bomb!
Romans 5:1   Ps 58:3, When does Justification occur?
  Gen 3:6  Why do Christians, who are Righteous, still sin?
     Col 3:9  More on Practicing sin.
       Do you Practice sin?  Romans 1:32  Rom 2:1   Rom 2:2    Rom 2:3  
          Romans 4:14   The Heresy of Presumptive Regeneration.  

 Acts 12:4,  KJV only special.
   1John 4:1  2,  3,  Let's see your Doctrine!
    John 14: 7,  9,  17,  21,   23, Do all men know God / Does God love everybody?
        Luke 9:1,2
... I don't believe you. Prove it!
          1John 2:2 Arminians Read Carefully!
 Galatians 5:21
 -Proof that Romans 7:14ff describes an unregenerate man.

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                          A POOR MAN'S  COMMENTARY

  And when the tempter came to Him, he said, If You are the Son of God, command that these stones be made bread.
But He answered and said, It is written, "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God."  Matthew 4:3,4


Exodus  Covenant & Sabbath

Covenant & Sabbath

Ye "ceremonial law"

Deuteronomy  Covenant & Sabbath; chapter 4 destroys Covenant Theology.









Psalms  Are you Perfect? Is your heart like Jer. 17:9? John Owen Never Read the Psalms!!









Acts Covenant Theology [2:39] and Unjustified Believers. [13:39]
Romans  Chapters 6 through 8 deal with the Puritanical false doctrine of so-called indwelling sin. See also 1John 3





2 Timothy

Hebrews  This whole book destroys Covenant Theology.



1John   Chapter 3 addresses various false doctrines of Sanctification as expressed by such tags as... Positional holiness; State; Remaining corruption and Indwelling sin.

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